Nordic Plast invests €2.8 million in new sorting line

Nordic Plast, a leading Latvia-based polyethylene and polypropylene recycler that is part of Baltic environmental and waste management group, Eco Baltia, has completed a modernisation project that involved a €2.8 million investment into a new, automated sorting line. The company says the new line will raise its recycling capacities by upwards of 30% as well as provide a significant boost to production quality and efficiency. The company was previously largely dependent on manual sorting for its packaging sorting operations, which limited its growth in production capacity, it said.

The new equipment will make it possible to process materials of various purity, enabling the sorting of even the more difficult packaging streams, for which recycling rates have remained consistently low.

In the European Union, plastic packaging recycling goals are set to rise from the current 22% to 50% of the total volume of marketed plastic packaging by 2025.

“Eco Baltia’s mission is to find value in things that others already consider unnecessary. That’s why we treat waste as a resource to create new materials and promote circular economy. Therefore, we are constantly developing options to recycle a wider range of packaging and other materials. Investments in the modernisation of Nordic Plast is a significant step to achieve this goal and creates a foundation for the development of new recycled products,” said Māris Simanovičs, Chairman of the Management Board at Eco Baltia.

The investments in the new Nordic Plast line have been partially covered by using the funds received from the European Union fund project “Polymer Recycling Park of the SIA “Nordic Plast”” (No. By Karen Larid