Solve has a great deal of experience in civil, infrastructure and industrial development and construction management. Over 150 projects have been completed under our direct control and supervision with a total value over 1 billion Euros.

We make sure that our wealth of experience is put to providing our clients with economical and qualitative benifits in development and construction projects.


A lot of projects started by us providing consulting services in different aspects of development and construction business. Our great international and multi-disciplinary experience provides us with a broader and more diverse view of problems and their solutions.

Feasibility studies

We analyse project technical and economical viability by benchmarking different solutions in terms of the objectives our clients state and those essential elements we see through our multi sector experience. After building multiple projects in a great deal of industries, you gain not only experience in the actual construction but also in the technology, operations and maintenance. We pass this knowledge to our clients and help them save money and time.

Construction management

Our main area of expertise and the most complex part of our services. We managed construction projects of almost all types: residential, resorts, commercial, road infrastructure, water treatment, water and sewage systems, energy generation, energy transport, ports, railways, upstream and downstream oil and gas, agriculture, municipal waste treatment and recycling. We complete projects on time and in budget.

Crisis management

Since 2009, we provided a unique service to company owners. We helped them restructure and refloat their construction related businesses after they hit technical defaults. Very complex and time consuming activity that we have been very successfull at. Our biggest achievement was saving Republic of Georgia national construction champion with over 5000 employees and 17 active contracts with international financing.