More than 88% of global population has no access to waste sorting plants. This creates a deficit of sorted plastic waste and reduces to a zero all chances of mass adoption of chemical recycling on a global scale.

We solve this problem by manufacturing modular maritime container based plastic waste recycling plants that have a minimum 70% efficiency of waste-to-fuel conversion based on our R&D achievements and our propietary AI software.

Solve One chemical recycling line was specifically designed as a fit-for-all scalable solution that allows to gradually build a waste plastic chemical recycling facility from 1000 tonnes per year to 30 000 tonnes per year of recycling capacity. Solve One produces commercial grade diesel fuel, naphtha, kerosene and methane type gas. Guaranteeing its owners a reliable revenue stream in record time without high capital investment.

We currently manufacture two variants of our Solve One chemical recycling line:

Solve One Mini

  • Recycles up to 3 tonnes of plastic per day
  • Produces up to 2700 liters of diesel and naphtha per day
  • Runs on self produced gas
  • AI operated

Solve One Pro

  • Processes up to 9 tonnes of plastic per day
  • Produces up to 8100 liters of diesel and naphtha per day
  • Runs on self produced gas
  • AI operated

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Types of plastics we recycle

Solve One plants recycle any type of mix of plastic waste with minimum CO2 emissions and without toxic residue.

Recycling products

Independent of the mix of plastic waste feedstock Solve One chemical recycling plants are able to produce high quality commercial grate products. The recycling process is adapted to at customers location during the on-site installation carried out by Solve technical team.

Each plant can be fine-tuned to increase the output of any of the following products:

  • Diesel fuel
  • Naphtha
  • Heating oil
  • Paraffin
  • Methane type gas
  • Carbon black