R&D center

We are living on the crest of energy and technology transition. New conceptual designs of machinery and equipment, must take into account important lessons from the past. There is no point in just solving a short-term goal when dealing with recycling technology. We must always be aware of a 30 - 40 year lifespan of those changes we do today and their effects on regional and global environment.

That is why, we decided to apply our knowledge and our multi-sector experience to different types of research and development projects in our R&D facility in Georgia. We provide an international platform for young scientists and engineers willing to dedicate their time and effort in creating industrial solutions in multiple areas where waste has become a global problem.

Plastic waste recycling

Our main goal is to achieve zero-waste mixed plastic waste recycling modular industrial equipment. We currently have a team of 7 scientists and engineers working on permanent basis in the development and upgrade of technologies. We currently reached a level of testing each month a new type of equipment, designed, engineered and produced in our facilities in Georgia.

Tire recycling

We are currently developing a continuous cycle tire chemical recycling prototype with a small scale desulfurization unit. We aim at producing a low-cost synthetic gas with a stable hydrogen molar number in a maritime container frame.

Oil and Gas waste recycling

Due to a high level of experties of our team in the oil and gas industry, we have started working on several R&D projects aimed at providing oil and gas companies with economically viable industrial waste recycling solutions. Currently we are working on associated petroleum gas modular refining pilot plant and paraffin waste modular recycling pilot plant.

Software & AI

We have developed our proprietary software for Solve One chemical recycling plants and we continue our efforts in upgrading and enhancing its efficiency. A permanent team of programmers and experts in the field of industrial automation and machine learning algorithms is based in our R&D centre in Georgia.

Our main goal is to achieve a fully automated and AI controlled chemical recycling process that eliminates the need for an on-site chemical engineer and allow for a disruptive growth and worldwide installation of our recycling plants.