«In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity»

We are living on the crest of energy and technology transition. New conceptual designs of machinery and equipment, must take into account important lessons from the past. There is no point in just solving a short-term goal when dealing with industrial infrastructure and technology. We must always be aware of a 30 - 40 year lifespan of those changes we do today and their effects on regional and global environment.

That is why, we decided to apply our knowledge and our multi-sector experience to different types of research and development projects, such as:

  • low temperature pyrolysys
  • gasification
  • carbon free power generation
  • modular water treatment
Zero waste & Circular economy

We are mainly concentrated in researching and developing efficient and ecological industrial solutions for waste collection, sorting, reusing and recycling. In order to achive ambitious European targets set out by the European Comission in circular, zero-waste economy policies, new technology must be introduced into the waste treatment sector. We bear a great deal of knowledge on how technologies and their industrial applications are introduced into the projects and how they need to be structured to gain wide application in project design and development. Hence, we use this experience to guide innovative technologies into real world applications.

We stand for decentralization, rationalization and profitability. Ecology must evolve from an obligation into a free-market sector of global economy.


In 2019, we started working on a completely new business model. A mixture of fintech and ecology, that we saw is needed by different players in the global market. Our main goal is to create a fintech platform that incentivises ecological behaviour in the general public and allows innovative ecological projects to receive direct micro-investments from our platform users. We joined forces with several like-minded companies specialising in software development, blockchain, waste collection equipment, waste tracking applications and payment solutions.

We are integrating our project with our Plastic Adios chemical recycling international network.